Amazing Tuxedo Cats: What Are Black and White Cats Called?

When you spot a cat sporting a pristine black and white coat and wonder, ‘what are black and white cats called?’ Well, it’s not just a cat, it’s a “tuxedo” cat!  These cats, with their distinct bi-color pattern, resemble someone dressed in a formal tuxedo suit, which is how they get their delightful name. Tuxedo … Read more

Myth or Truth: Why Are Orange Cats So Crazy?

Have you ever wondered ‘why are orange cats so crazy?’ Cats come in an array of beautiful colors and patterns, each associated with many myths and beliefs. Among these, orange cats, often referred to as “ginger” or “marmalade” cats, stand out not only for their striking color but also for their distinctive behavior.  Often perceived … Read more

Why Is My Cat’s Tail So Long?

Do you ever find yourself wondering, ‘why is my cat’s tail so long?’ Well, the length of a cat’s tail is primarily determined by its genetic makeup, with the T-gene playing a crucial role. This gene is instrumental in tail development. A typical, unmutated T-gene leads to a tail length that can range from 8 … Read more

When to Euthanize a Cat with Seizures

Confronting the decision to euthanize your cherished pet is a heart-wrenching prospect, one that most cat owners would rather not ponder. Yet, there may come a time when the question arises: when to euthanize a cat with seizures? Seizures in cats manifest in a myriad of ways, ranging from fleeting, mild episodes lasting a scant … Read more

Why Is My Cat So Small? When to Worry

As cat lovers, we all appreciate the charm and beauty of different feline breeds, whether large and majestic or tiny and petite. If you have a cat that seems to be on the smaller side, you may wonder, ‘why is my cat so small?’ Many factors can contribute to a cat’s size, including breed, gender, … Read more