12 Best Maine Coon Cat Trees

June 20, 2022 by Ashley Davis

Maine Coon cats are known for their lazy nature. They love to lounge and relax. But they’re still felines, so jumping and climbing is instinctual.

These best Maine Coon cat trees are a fun and exciting way for them to stay active, with the added bonus of allowing them to snooze at the top.

Because Maine Coons can weigh a lot, they require a supportive and heavy cat tree, otherwise it could tip over. 

When choosing a cat tree for your Maine Coon, it’s also important to ensure the platform is wide enough for your cat’s length. Maine Coons are not only heavy, but they’re long, often 19-40 inches. 

Another aspect to consider is the material. Maine Coons will need a heavier duty cat tree, because their strength can damage the tree faster. It’s crucial to pick one that can withstand their repeated clawing and climbing. 

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Overall Best Maine Coon Cat Tree – MeowHomm Cat Tree for Large Cats

This cat tree has a sturdy, wide base made of wood, making it extra secure for large Maine Coon cats. It also has four levels, which gives your kitty options and keeps them interested. The MeowHomm Cat Tree is very spacious and can even fit two or three larger cats. The top perch is where your cat will love to relax, with its soft, plush fabric and round shape.

The middle level is meant for scratching, and the bottom level is for when cats want a little privacy. It is difficult for cats to destroy this tree, as the posts are made of natural sisal ropes. An added bonus are the neutral colors of the fabric, which allow the tree to blend in with almost any decor style. 

Best Maine Coon Cat Tree for Hiding – Lesure Cat Tree

With two hideaway condos, the Lesure Cat Tree is ideal for Maine Coons that prefer some privacy. Made of super plush material, your cat will be very cozy in this tree. It was made with larger cats in mind, as it has a heavy-duty base constructed of wood. It also features a scratch post, perfect for kitties who like to ‘sharpen’ their claws. This tree is also very easy to clean and maintain, as the condos are detachable. The platform cover is also removable, making it simple to wash and remove fur build up. 

Best Maine Coon Cat Tree Multi-Level – BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree

The cat tree of all cat trees, this one measures in at just over five feet tall. It includes one large condo, one smaller condo, and five different platforms (plus a hammock) for your cat to enjoy. Each platform is cushioned and cozy, helping them fall asleep fast. There are also three balls for your cat to swat when they’re feeling playful. With this considerable height, a sturdy base is a necessity. BEWISHOME’s large cat tree has a large, heavy base and comes with a wall anchor strap to give it added stability. Though this cat tree is tall, it actually doesn’t take up too much space. The footprint is just 36 inches long and 30 inches wide. 

Best Maine Coon Cat Tree for Climbers – Catforest Floor to Ceiling Tree

If your Maine Coon likes climbing, then the Catforest floor-to-ceiling tree is perfect for them. It is meant to reach all the way to the ceiling, with several different hangout spots for your cat to perch on. The base is constructed of sisal rope, allowing for safe gripping while they climb. You can also add on the Perch Hammock or the Transparent Spaceship Hammock for your cat to relax on. This tree is ideal for younger cats with more energy, as it is more geared towards active play than lounging, especially if you don’t add on the hammocks. 

Best Maine Coon Cat Tree for Value – FEANDREA Cat Tree

It’s an unfortunate fact that cat trees can get pricey, but this one is pretty reasonable. Priced under $50, it is affordable but doesn’t lack any features. It has a thick, cushion-y perch, perfect for mid-day naps, as well as a condo at the bottom for when your cat wants a dark, quiet place to chill. It is incredibly stable and well-balanced, and won’t fall over when your cat scratches the post. Plus, its footprint is on the smaller side at 20 inches by 13 inches, ideal for when you have limited space. 

Best Maine Coon Cat Tree for Luxury – Tangkula Modern Tree

If you’re looking for a cat tree that will not only be great for your feline, but also look amazing, then the Tangkula Modern Tree is for you. It features real wood and high end fabric, taking on a Scandinavian design. It has two hammocks for your cat to relax in, with one that is rotatable. The posts are wrapped in natural sisal, great for scratching. The two balls are great for when your feline wants to play. This tree was built for larger cats and can hold up to 33 pounds on each tier. It also has a wide base, keeping the tree balanced. Installation is a breeze with a video to guide you. 

Best Unique Maine Coon Cat Tree – On2Pets Cat Tree

Most cat trees are pretty bare in terms of decor features, but this On2Pets Cat Tree is covered in artificial leaves, making your cat feel like they’re in the wild. It has three separate perches behind its leaves, with just enough spacing in between the leaves for your cat to peek out. It fulfills your cat’s instincts to hide in a high up spot. What’s more, this cat tree is made of all non-toxic materials, so if your cat nibbles on it, they will be perfectly safe. Larger cats are welcome, with the tree withstanding 32 pounds in weight. It’s a thrilling tree that your cat will surely be grateful for. 

Best Maine Coon Cat Tree for Small Spaces – Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree

At just 24.8 inches high, this is the best tree for smaller spaces. It’s also great for cats who don’t aren’t super active. It has a top perch where cats can survey their surroundings and take a nice, safe nap. The cover of the top perch is removable, for easy cleaning. The bottom has a condo, ideal for when your kitty wants a little privacy. The post is wrapped partially in a sisal rope, allowing them to scratch when they wish. 

Best Maine Coon Cat Tree for Minimalists – Catry Modern Cat Tree

If you want your cat tree to blend in with your modern decor, this minimalist cat tree should do the trick. It features 3 levels and has light coloring, including wood materials. The cat condo is at the bottom, and includes a soft cushion. On top of the condo is a platform, with a post coming out from the left side. The post is wrapped in sisal, ideal for scratching. On top is another perch, with a soft, washable cushion. At 30 inches tall, this tree won’t be distracting, and provides everything your cat needs. 

Best Maine Coon Cat Tree for Multi-Cat Households – Yaheetech Cat Tree

With multiple levels and activities, this cat tree is ideal for households that have more than one Main Coon cat. It has an anti-toppling strap so you can anchor it to the wall and ensure that it doesn’t fall over. At 52 inches high, this tree has enough space for up to four cats. It has four levels, including one hammock, so each cat can have their own area. With natural sisal posts for scratching, soft plush fabric and particle board, it’s easy to clean and is durable. 

Best Maine Coon Cat Tree for Active Cats – Go Pet Club

Covered in vines and featuring multiple levels of activities, this one is perfect for Maine Coons that like to exercise. There are many platforms to perch on, a tunnel, a hammock, and two ropes, so no shortage of things to explore. The fabric is soft, giving the tree an oasis-type feeling. Sisal wrapped posts allow for cats to scratch and climb easily. This will quickly become your Maine Coons’ favorite place to be, and should withstand the test of time with its durable structure. 

Best Lightweight Maine Coon Cat Tree – Kitty City Claw

When ease of moving and constructing is a priority, this tree is the answer. It’s constructed of durable plastic posts which snap together easily. The condos are more like tents, making it simple to put together. It features everything that a standard tree does, including a scratching sheet on the roof, scratching posts and dangly balls. This tree keeps your Maine Coon engaged, and will prevent them from scratching your furniture. 

Final Thoughts

There are many cat trees that are perfect for Maine Coons. Things to keep in mind when purchasing are the size of the tree and the platforms. You’ll want to ensure that it’s big enough to make your cat comfortable, especially because Maine Coons are typically sizable cats. Any of these trees will surely satisfy your and your cats’ needs! 

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