Best Cat Tree for Small Apartment

Even if you live in a small flat, your cat can still scratch everything in its sight. It does, however, imply that the amount of room you can set aside for a playing tower is constrained. You probably won’t be able to squeeze a massive 5-story tree with numerous platforms and extra elements into your living room.

Fortunately, pet manufacturers also produce a wide range of smaller cat condos, posts, and trees. They give your cat places to sleep, sit, play, and have surfaces that are acceptable for them to scratch. The reviews of 10 of the best cat tree for small apartment are provided here to assist you in choosing the one that best suits your apartment and your cat’s play needs.

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Best Cat Tree for Small Apartment – Best for Kittens, Vesper Cat Tree, Walnut

If you have a small apartment and a tiny kitty, this Vesper cat tree will be the ultimate choice for you. It is a cozy den for your small active cute cat that has two entrances so your cat never feels trapped or lost in it. It has a very comfortable and cozy bed overlay for your cat to sleep peacefully on. A mat with a hook so your cat can do her favorite thing, scratch. 

This small cat tree also has a very cute toy that is made of rattan and it is placed with a safe and secure closure to save your cat from any injury. Being a small tree house, it will fit perfectly in your apartment, and having a natural color, it can match any décor and interior color. 

  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.57 x 14.57 inches
  • Height:  28.54 inches

Best Cat Tree for Small Apartment – Best for Small Cats, Minou Cat Bench

This modern and elegant piece of furniture is an amazing combination of a cat’s hiding place and a scratching post. As this cat tree has a hiding place with a front and back opening, your cat will not feel cornered or left out. This piece consists of bed cushions made of soft memory foam so your cat sleeps cozily in it. 

A detachable scratch mat is also there with all replaceable parts, so you can clean and swap it easily. As this cat tree has a scratch post, your other furniture will stay safe from any scratches from your cat and you can even attach catnip with this tree if your cat needs to do some more scratching. 

  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Measures: 14.17 L x 14.37 W x 15.94 H inches

Best Cat Tree for Small Apartment – Best for Large Cats, Wood Cat Tower by Mau Lifestyles

If you have a larger cat weighing up to 23 pounds, or even multiple cats, then this wooden cat tower should be your go-to option. It is made up of the strongest material, wood, which can adjust heavy and larger cats weighing up to 23 pounds and can last for years to come. 

As the cushions in it are machine washable, you can easily clean this cat tower, by vacuuming and wiping it with a dry foam cleaner. This elegant design is a new style and will enhance any kind of interior in your house. It has two wooden trucks having hand-woven baskets where your cat or cats can easily sit and sleep

As this product will be the most durable cat tree you will ever find, the company gives you a one-year warranty with a risk-free trial of 45 days. You can easily return it within 45 days if you are not satisfied with the product or its durability. 

  • Weight: 38 pounds

Best Cat Tree for Small Apartment – Best for Fluffy Cats, Feandrea Small Cat Tree for Kittens

This cat tree house has a rustic brown finish with a white top and basket, which will surely give you the feels and look of a snowy mountain. It has a very soft top and attached basket and the cat cave is also filled with a fluffy and cuddly cushion that will make your cat sleep peacefully for hours and hours. 

As this cat tree gives three options to your cat for rest on, a basket, a top, and a cave, your cat will have plenty of room and comfort staying here. This furniture has a strong and sturdy structure and design that makes it a durable and long-lasting investment. Your cat can also enjoy hours of scratching on the tower so your furniture is not defected or destroyed by any chance. 

Best Cat Tree for Small Apartment – Best for Active Cats, Catry Kitten Tree Condo

If you have an active cat that doesn’t like sitting much and wants to play all day around, the Catry kitten tree condo will be the best choice for your active friend. This is a new design having a paper-roped covering scratch post for your cat to scratch and sharpen her nails every day. A hanging mouse is also there for your cat’s attraction and to keep her busy and active all the time. 

The comfortable and cozy condo is where your cat can come and relax when she’s tired from all the playing and scratching. The paper rope is skin friendly so you can rest assured of no skin allergies for your cat, plus all the mats are removable which makes this cat tree extremely easy to clean. 

The reason that it has a very nice color combination and a sleek and small structure, this cat tree will complement your small apartment well. 

Best for Lazy Cats, On2Pets Cat Condo Furniture

If you have a lazy resting cat that likes to lay down all day, you can have this On2Pets Cat condo for your cat so she can seep or rest peacefully all day under the tree. This tree will take only 15 minutes to assemble and has a sturdy and strong structure. All of its components are pet-safe and non-toxic making it a safe and secure product. 

Every detail in this trendy product will enhance the look and esthetics of your apartment making your cat embrace her wild side. 

  • Weight: 30 pounds


No matter what kind of a cat you have, a cat tree is essential for her separate abode and her coziness. The above-mentioned cat trees are the best option that you will find in the market, for a small apartment.

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