Tallest Cat Tree – Top 5 Picks

Tall cats or big cats demand the tallest cat tree or cat tower in the market. As our furry friends require jumping up and down and playing all day, a tall cat tree will not only keep your cat active and healthy, but will also keep her busy all through the day.

The height of the tallest tree for your cat depends on its height and your requirements. Here are some of the tallest cat trees so you can choose the best cat furniture for your lovable kitty. We picked sturdy trees from Amazon and Chewy that can withstand the weight of larger cats. The best cat tree for your cat will depend on your specific space requirements, as well as your cat’s needs.

A large cat tree can be standalone or wall mounted, but we focused more on standalone, as they are easier to set up. If you want the extra security, you can always mount the tree to the wall yourself with separate tools, however, we don’t find this necessary unless you have a particularly rambunctious and strong cat.

Most of the cat trees on our list are able to fit a cat bed, and include a cat perch, cat tree tower, top perch cubby, and a cat activity feature. Because they are so tall, they are multi-level cat trees, and are perfect for all feline friends, from small cats to large cats.

Whenever possible, we chose cat trees that are made from solid wood, as this is the most durable medium.

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Best Tallest Cat Tree for Multiple Cats, Go Pet Club Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree & Condo

Whether you have a single cat at home or multiple cats to accommodate, this floor-to-ceiling cat tree will allow your cat to have as much fun as much as possible by jumping up and down or running around. As this cat tree has multiple private spaces, your cats can enjoy a private space within your home.

The horizontal setting of this cat tree will provide your cat with a flexible and active lifestyle. If you need to add more balance and structure to this tallest cat tree, you can even attach the top pole to the ceiling, as it is adjustable. The multiple posts will help your cat claw as much as she wants, as they are fully covered in natural sisal rope.

This tree offers you a length of 50 inches, a width of 16 inches, and a whopping height of 92-106 inches. This cat tree comes with 2 ropes, 3 ladders, 18 sisal-covered posts, and 8 different and separate levels so your kitties can play, climb and enjoy to the fullest. 

Best Tallest Cat Tree for Hygienic Cats, Tiger Tough Skyscraper Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

This cat tree is an amazingly tall cat tree that offers you a height of 100 inches, length of 26.8 inches, and width of 17.3 inches. This cat tree is so high that it has an adjustable spring top that helps it stay secure between your floor and ceiling. 

It offers your cat an extra private space for sleeping and lounging with an enclosed cat condo, multiple lounging shelves, and a soft bowl hammock. Your cat will stay busy all day due to the multiple cat toys and sisal-covered posts for unlimited scratching. This will be the best option for a hygienic cat as this cat tree is super easy to spot-clean and vacuum whenever needed.

Best Tallest Cat Tree for Healthy Cats, Armarkat Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

This tall cat tree is fully covered with sisal rope and faux fur, and it is made with manufactured wood. This amazing cat tree offers you 2 condos, a hammock, and a soft ramp that can easily accommodate one healthy cat or even multiple cats if you wish. 

As this cat tree has 12 different scratching posts, your cat will have plenty of time to keep busy and enjoy. Its maximum capacity weight is 60 lbs. and can easily cater to a healthy and big cat. It comes with a step-by-step manual guide that will make the assembling quite easy for you. 

When fully assembled, this cat tree will provide you with a great height of 78 inches, a length of 42 inches, and a width of 26 inches. 

Best Tallest Cat Tree for Sensitive Cats, Frisco Faux Cat Tree & Condo

As this cat tree offers you an amazing height of 78 inches, it also gives you ample space to accommodate more than one cat if you want. This cat tree has multiple sleeping and scratching posts, making this an incredible option for cats of every age and size. 

The scratching posts are made up of sisal ropes, so your cat will love and enjoy scratching the posts all day. The baseboard is double layered, so the cat tree will have extra stability when your cat scratches the surface. This cat tree also offers extremely comfortable, plush, and soft material covers for the perches, bases, and apartments that your cat will sleep in. This extra softness will give your sensitive cat the utmost care she needs. 

Multiple toys will also provide your cat a playful and energetic time, and this cat tree is also very easy to assemble with its step-by-step guide. This cat tree, when assembled, offers a height of 78 inches, a width of 19.25 inches, and a length of 36.50 inches. 

Best Tallest Cat Tree for Active Cats, Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

If you have an extra active cat that doesn’t like to sit and chill, this 76.6 inches high cat tree is just the right option. It is a multi-tier cat tree with a top bolstered perch, partially wrapped 6 sisal scratching posts, a regular condo, and an additional roomy condo. 

There are multiple platforms for your cat to scratch, lounge, play, climb, or just nap. This cat tree has the faux fur material that cats love to play and cuddle with. Two dangling toys to keep the cat busy all the time and a washable and removable bolstered perch cover. 

In addition to an 80 inches height, this cat tree also offers you a length of 29.9 inches and a width of 22.8 inches. 

There are various tallest cat trees on the market for any cat you have. Just choose the best option from the above mentioned list to give your cat the best playful and comfortable space. You can also visit the Cat Product Guide if you need more information on Cat Product Guide.

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