Best Raw Cat Food – Top 5 Picks

Despite the extensive variety of cat food recipes on the market, not all of them may suit your pet’s needs, preferences, and health. Therefore, it’s important for you to make the right decision and choose something highly nutritious for your feline. Raw cat food is one of the most ideal options, as it doesn’t contain a large number of toxic ingredients. Also, companies don’t cook them long, so nutrients are kept intact.

Another reason to offer raw cat foods to your pet is it tastes similar to raw meat or chicken. Hence, it will be difficult for your feline to resist the flavor and taste. This way, you don’t need to put too much effort into making sure that your cat is eating. 

Our list of pet food options for raw diets includes high-quality brands, with the best ingredients. We focused on Amazon and Chewy for convenience, as these retailers offer the widest variety and free shipping. When choosing a raw food diet for your cat needs, it’s important to remember that kibble and dry cat food has its own strengths, and you may want to consider raw food as supplements or treats rather than an entire diet.

Regardless of what you choose to do, remember that a healthy cat’s diet includes lots of protein, as they are obligate carnivores.

From freeze-dried raw cat food to dinner morsels and human grade options, the below choices are full of muscle meat, organ meat, taurine, amino acids, and other health benefits. These raw pet food options are free of additives, are low on carbohydrates, and free of gluten.

Cat owners should be aware that the biggest risk of feeding raw is the exposure to e. coli and salmonella. While adult cats can obtain many dietary benefits from raw meals, pet parents should thoroughly wash their hands after handling the food, as well as any dishes or countertops the food was on.

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Best Raw Cat Food

Are you looking for cat foods that don’t contain any preservatives? If so, the following cat foods are the right option for you. These raw cat foods can help keep your feline healthy and active. Choose one based on your cat’s health and preferences. Also, make sure to think about your cat’s allergies. Other important factors to consider are the smell and taste of the cat food. Read further to learn about the best options for you.

Best Overall- Instinct Frozen Raw Bites

This is excellent cat food for pet owners in search of a grain-free or cage-free chicken recipe. The best part about this food is that it’s available for cats at different life stages. You can choose adult or kitten cat food based on your cat’s age. 

This cat food recipe is also free from fillers and chemicals that can impact your cat’s health. Additionally, the brand doesn’t cook the food to make sure the nutrients stay intact. If you are looking for food with plenty of chicken and organs, you should choose this one. 93% of the food is made from chicken and organs, while 7% of the food contains non-GMO fruits and veggies and other wholesome ingredients. 

Wondering what the benefits of this food are? Well, it supports the organs and bones while promoting strong muscles. As it’s highly nutritious, this ensures your cat has healthy skin and fur. 

Best for Taste- Primal Venison Nuggets Grain-Free Food

If you are looking for something new other than the standard cat biscuits, go for this one. Primal offers you delicious grain-free nuggets that make your cat fall for it. In fact, after they try it, they will crave more. 

This cat food is free from lentils, legumes, soy, wheat, or corn, making it a safe option for cats with sensitive stomachs. Also, not having any type of fillers promotes the healthy growth of your pet. 

To make the food highly nutritious and healthy, Primal has added antibiotics, steroids, and hormones. Not only this, but the food is rich in minerals and vitamins that give your feline plenty of energy to run around. 

Best for Protein Needs- Nulo FreeStyle Chicken and Salmon Recipe

Protein is one of the most important ingredients that felines need for healthy growth and an active life. This cat food recipe can provide a good boost of protein to your feline friend. So, if you don’t want to give your cat raw meat or chicken, you don’t have to compromise on their protein intake.

Since it has a mouthwatering taste and incredible smell, your felines will love eating them as a treat. You can decide to give it as a treat or meal. This cat food also serves as an excellent course of probiotics that boosts immune and digestive health. 

Note that it comes in two flavors: chicken and salmon and turkey and duck, so you can choose one based on your cat’s preferences. However, both flavors provide equal support to your little companion. 

Best for Allergies- Instinct Freeze-Dried Raw Boost Mixers

This all-natural, grain-free, and freeze-dried raw food is an amazing option for your four-legged friend. The food is made from real chicken along with other healthy ingredients such as salmon oil, chia seeds, COD, flaxseed, and cranberries. 

The ingredients offer omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins that lead to good skin and coat health. As it has several healthy ingredients, this food is also a perfect alternative to treats. So, next time you want to make your feline happy, you can offer them this treat. 

This food is also free from grain, wheat, soy, corn, potato, artificial flavors, by-products, and preservatives. Cats with food sensitivities or allergies like potato allergy can opt for this food. 

Best for Obese Cats- PureBites Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Treats

Is your cat too picky? Is he or she often refusing to eat treats due to their taste or odor? You should try to give them this cat treat. PureBites are an ideal option for pet owners who struggle to make their cats eat different foods and treats. 

The best part of this cat food is that it has only one ingredient, chicken. Having one primary ingredient prevents the risk of developing health issues, especially in cats with health problems. Another benefit of offering this food to your cat is that it’s low in calories. In fact, your felines get 2 calories per treat, preventing them from getting obese. 

There are also no fillers, sweeteners, or colors in the treat, so you should not worry about your little one’s health. Also, its marvelous taste and smell will compel your cat to eat it without complaining. 

Bottom Line

So, have you decided what type of raw cat food you need to give to your kitten? Just make sure to consider your cat’s health before you make any decision. 

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