Best Raw Cat Food Delivery – 3 Top Picks

Raw cat food delivery is a tricky and careful procedure that requires utmost care and attention. Brands that don’t prioritize transporting raw pet food carefully suffer from clients losing interest or leaving bad reviews; to learn more about such products, visit Cat Product Guide. The food turns stale and loses its taste. Without safe transit, food is in danger of becoming toxic. 

Cats are sensitive to food changes and can often react differently to the variety of raw cat foods, and with careless and untimely delivery, they may even fall sick. 

The raw cat food delivery standards require that brands transport the goods in a condition where the supplements, proteins, and other health benefits of the treats are not compromised. 

Best Raw Cat Food Delivery

Some companies do timely and efficient deliveries, but then you miss out on the various options available on the market. The issue with committing to a company for cat food is the risk that your cat may not fit or adjust well to its product. Once cats are familiar and adjusted to a particular brand, it isn’t easy to fit them with other food and their recipes. 

The ideal options for a raw food diet typically come from either Chewy or Amazon. They have established businesses that are USDA approved and dedicated to delivering on time, maintaining high-quality product, and providing optimal services. 


Amazon has a streaming service, too, and if you are a member of these services, then you get faster shipping. They also offer discounts on large orders or average discounts on reoccurring orders. However, their selection and variety are significantly less compared to Chewy. But considering they operate internationally and their reach goes beyond pet/cat owners, their limitations are expected. 


On the other hand, Chewy offers a vast collection catering specifically to cat food. They even have options for raw human-grade food, as well as all the best wet food and kibble. Their collection is for pet/cat owners worldwide, and their nature of customer service is super fast, friendly, and, most importantly, it is twenty-four-seven. They offer thirty percent off on your first auto-ship order and five percent off on reoccurring orders. There is no shipping fee for orders above forty-nine dollars.

Understanding the inconsistency of shipping and product pricing is important, and Amazon tends to be more inconsistent than Chewy. Remember this error when you decide to opt for a raw cat food delivery service. You can now select the best raw cat foods when you decide which service.

Going with either Amazon or Chewy will likely be cheaper than buying from a pet store, as larger companies tend to have bigger discounts.

Best Raw Cat Food

The best raw food for your cat varies depending on what your cat needs. Many factors contribute to your cat’s overall health, and food is one of the main contributors. Without proper raw cat food, your cat won’t be energized, healthy, or remain in optimal shape and weight. 

To have your cat stay healthy or regain its health, you should focus on its diet and what food they are consuming. For instance, highly processed meat is not recommended for a cat seeing as it negatively impacts their immune system, and foods with fillers and high carbs are also detrimental to your cat’s health. Cats are carnivores, so any food they eat should mainly consist of meat.

Below, we’ll dive into our top picks for best food options for raw cat food, including freeze-dried raw food and ones with human-grade ingredients. Our picks prioritize whole food, and are specially formulated for adult cats. They list animal protein as their first (or only) ingredient.

Best for Digestion- Stella and Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Morsels Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

This recipe is best for digestion, and many cat parents agree. The leading ingredient is raw chicken, which takes up ninety-eight percent of the recipe. Rich organs and healthy bones are this formula’s next two main ingredients. Essentially, these ingredients give the experience of a primal diet that a cat hunts on its own.

Their seller also states how they have cage-free chickens without any antibiotics or added hormones. It is a balanced and real raw recipe that allows cats to grow shiny fur and strong bones, and it maintains their activity levels. 

This recipe also contains multiple organic vegetables and healthy fruits that are essential for a cat’s growth. Cat parents have stated how it has improved their pet’s digestion, appetite, immune system, and even gums and teeth.

Stella and Chewy’s Dinner Morsels are great for cat owners who don’t have the time to come up with a meal plan or wait for the ice from the frozen foods to thaw. This recipe saves time for busy pet owners and serves the best food experience at affordable costs. 

Best for Nutritional Value- Vital Essentials Chicken Mini Nibs Freeze-Dried Cat Food

Chicken is the main protein source in this dried raw cat food. It is a raw nutrient boost that promotes vitality and wellness and supports your cat’s overall health. 

This cat food is designed for cats to eat right out of its bag; rehydration isn’t necessary. It is often a preferred alternative to typical dry food.

The recipe includes expertly grounded chicken with its bones, heart because of its taurine values, a liver full of nutrients, and chicken gizzard. Additionally, it also has eggs to provide more nutrients and protein, and it’s grain-free.

It contains fresh goat’s milk to provide extra nutrition and add texture to the formula. It also has herring oil, which provides omega-3 fatty acids, and it’s free of preservatives. These acids maintain or improve coat health, support the skin, and have anti-inflammatory properties. 

This food has high protein levels, no carbohydrate matter, and moderate amounts of fat.

Best for Allergies- Vital Essentials Rabbit Dinner Patties Grain

Rabbit is the main ingredient in this raw cat food. The AAFCO and many veterinarians suggest giving your cat unique meat like rabbit if they’re sensitive to the standard proteins chicken and beef. Similar to other Vital Essentials, this food also focuses primarily on meat, bones, and organs. Every patty in this pack has a whole rabbit; its liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, blood, and trachea. 

As additional nourishment, this formula also has raw goat’s milk; this improves immune health and reduces inflammation. The presence of herring oil significantly impacts the cat’s fur and skin, simultaneously reducing inflammation. 

This is highly recommended for cats who suffer from frequent allergic reactions to most cat foods. It gives the cats the experience of natural prey. 

Some of its main qualities are that it is a single protein that is perfect for cats with allergies, contains herring oil, next to zero carbohydrate matter, and is free of harmful additives. 

Bottom Line

Raw cat food delivery is a tricky process that may ruin the quality of a product. Fast shipping for raw cat food is vital to preserving the quality of the formula. After deciding what business should handle your shipping, you can focus on finding the best cat food.

Deciding on which cat food is appropriate for you is challenging, considering that your cat’s needs can only determine the right product. Once you know what you want, you can select a formula correctly and witness the improvements in your cat. 

For more information about which cat food products are valid or not, you should visit Cat Product Guide.

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