Best Cat Food for Older Cats that Vomit

Is your older cat vomiting often? Don’t worry, though, because older cats can vomit for various reasons. In fact, they don’t necessarily vomit due to severe health concerns. If you’ve taken your older cat to the clinic and the vet gives you the all-clear, it’s likely that your kitty is vomiting because of the food. Low-quality food usually contains a laundry list of complex substances and ingredients, making it harder to digest. As a result, older cats tend to throw up. Similarly, if your cat has developed a habit of eating quickly, it may throw up. 

Here are a few options to choose from for food for senior cats that vomit. We focus on dry food here as there are more benefits to serving this type compared to wet cat food. Their wholesome ingredients prevent your cats from throwing up and are easy on the digestive tract. These foods offer solutions to various problems, like abnormal eating or a sensitive stomach. Choose one based on your cat’s gastrointestinal needs. 

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Best Cat Food for Older Cats that Vomit – Best Overall- Purina ONE Sensitive Skin & Stomach with Real Turkey

If your cat’s digestive system is sensitive, Purina ONE from Amazon is a perfect solution. This Real Turkey food tastes amazing, so there’s no way your finicky feline will say no to this. Its high-quality ingredients ensure that you gain plenty of nutrients. 

Turkey is its first ingredient, a high quality protein that is known for being easy to digest. Purina’s formula prevents your cat’s stomach from acting up and offers plenty of energy to stay active throughout the day. Packed with minerals, essential vitamins, probiotics, carbohydrates and protein, this cat food formula helps felines build strong muscles and grow healthy, and also lessens hairballs which can contribute to vomiting.

Omega-6 fatty acids help cats develop healthy and shiny coats. It’s fortified with essential micronutrients that strengthen the immune response to fight off infections. It’s why we included it on the top of our list for the best cat food for older cats that vomit.

Best for Taste- Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food

This delicious chicken recipe is great for adult cats with sensitive skin and stomachs. Most cats are unable to digest their food properly, causing them to vomit. Not only does it leave you with a mess to clean up, but vomiting also prevents your cat’s body from gaining nutrition. Needless to say, healthy digestion is as important for pets as it is for humans.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Food is high protein, limited ingredient food that boosts the digestive system and offers nutrient absorption. Vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids support healthy skin, while the main ingredient (real chicken) helps develop lean muscles.

Do you have a picky cat? Don’t worry, because this Hill’s Science recipe doesn’t compromise on taste. 

Best for Value- Halo Indoor Dry Cat Food

Looking for a grain-free food option? In that case, try the Halo Indoor Dry Cat Food. It contains chicken and chicken liver that not only gives it a tasty flavor but also promotes healthy growth. Cats with sensitive stomachs are often unable to grow muscles and gain weight. If that sounds like your older cat, this recipe can help with weight gain.

It’s formulated to be low in calories and fat, so your cat maintains an ideal weight and metabolism. The best part is that it’s grain-free, making it perfect for sensitive stomachs. The recipe also includes vegetables and fruits to provide essential micronutrients and fiber. The brand uses farm-fresh vegetables that grow from non-GMO seeds.

Lastly, there are no artificial colors, by-products, preservatives, fillers, additives or flavors that can potentially cause an allergic reaction.

Best for Neutered or Sprayed Cat- Royal Canin Feline Appetite Control Care Dry Cat Food

Neutered and spayed cats can struggle with an increased appetite. Sometimes, they may eat too fast, which can induce vomiting. This recipe can help control your sprayed or neutered cat’s appetite without suppressing hunger.  

The recipe is great for felines between 1 to 7 years of age. It contains a significant amount of fiber to help your cat feel full without eating too much. L-carnitine in the food helps them maintain an ideal weight and steady metabolism.   

Since it’s dry kibble, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up a mess, which is often the case if your feline is a messy eater. Also, don’t worry about your cat whining for an extra meal every few hours. 

Best for Overall Growth- Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

This chicken and brown rice formula offer several health benefits for felines with an upset stomach. FOS prebiotics in the formula promotes nutrient absorption and digestive health. The food also contains natural ingredients and omega-3 fatty acids, so your cat grows a shiny coat. And if you’re worried that your older cat is shedding too much, this Blue Buffalo recipe can help. 

The excellent blend of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants supports the immune system. Note that a healthy immune system helps fight against diseases that might cause your feline to vomit. 

Besides that, it’s formulated by animal nutritionists and veterinarians, so you can rest assured that it contains the highest quality ingredients. On top of that, the recipe is free from artificial colors, wheat, corn, or artificial flavors. 

Best for Skin and Stomach Sensitivities- Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d Skin/Food Sensitivities Cat Food

The Hill’s Prescription recipe is packed with nutrition and offers your cat a fantastic taste. It contains hydrolyzed animal proteins that are broken down to prevent serious food reactions. These benefits make it suitable for cats that end up vomiting or develop allergic reactions when you switch to a new food. 

This recipe is among the best cat foods for older cats that vomit. It’s formulated to prevent symptoms of skin and stomach issues that occur due to adverse reactions to certain ingredients. It also includes a significant amount of fiber to improve bowel movements. With plenty of nutrients, it nourishes the skin and promotes a healthy coat.  

It’s a great choice for pet parents trying a new brand of cat food for adult felines, regardless of the breed. However, it’s not suitable for kittens. 

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, switching to high-quality cat food can help prevent your older cat from throwing up. When you’re looking for cat food for older cats that vomit, consider something based on their needs and age. Also, your budget plays a great role in deciding the type of food you can afford. If you want to learn more about cat products, accessories, and toys, check out the Cat Product Guide’s website for more information.

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