Best Cat Food for IBD – Our Top Picks

IBD, or inflammatory bowel disease, is common in cats and can be a great source of discomfort for your feline friend.

Cats may stop eating or have trouble digesting the food you give them. This will also impact their overall health, as your cat will start suffering from weight loss. While no one knows the true cause of IBD, we do know that food has an impact on symptoms.

If your furry friend is dealing with IBD, you need to consider making the switch to high-quality food. Specifically, the best cat food for IBD is easily digestible, full of high-quality ingredients, and hypoallergenic.

Confused about where you can find the right food? We’ve spent hours researching the best cat food for IBD, and came up with our top picks from Amazon and Chewy. Here are a few suitable food options for cats with GI tract issues.

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Top Pick Best Cat Food for IBD – Dr. Elsey’s Cleanprotein Chicken Formula Dry Cat Food

Cats dealing with IBD require high-quality, pure cat food. Felines with IBD usually suffer from large amounts of bad bacteria in the gut lining but don’t have enough beneficial gut flora to aid in digestion. Therefore, Dr. Elsey’s offers cat food with clean protein chicken formula. By incorporating Dr. Elsey’s nutritional formula into your cat’s diet, you can improve her nutrition.

The high-protein recipe is suitable for cats of all breeds and ages. It’s fortified with essential minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients for a stronger immune system, and is low on carbs. Does your cat suffer from a grain allergy? In that case, you’ll appreciate this grain-free formula that’s also free from artificial ingredients and by-products. It’s our top pick for the best cat food for IBD.

Best for Overall Health- Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

Blue Buffalo has never disappointed cat owners with their nutritious recipes for intestinal support. Their Wilderness High Protein formula is the best cat food for IBD. With protein sourced from salmon, this recipe is rich in complex carbohydrates. It also includes cranberries and blueberries, which are great sources of antioxidants.

With its impressive formula, rest assured that your cat will get plenty of essential nutrients like vitamins. Better nutrition will support your cat’s immune and gastrointestinal system to help alleviate symptoms of IBD. Not only this, but your cat will also develop stronger muscles and healthy skin and coat. Overall, you’ll notice a major difference in your cat once you start feeding him this Blue Buffalo High Protein formula.

Best for Flavor- Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Cat Food

Does your cat crave pure meat? In that case, this Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner offers 98% meat, bone, organs, and taurine, in raw food form, so your finicky feline gets a natural taste of real meat. It’s also a great food for any cat with food allergies. But aside from the great taste, this gourmet meal has its own health benefits. The recipe also includes probiotics for improved dietary health.

Know the best part? This food is minimally processed to keep its raw flavors and sustain natural nutrients. Therefore, it’s made in the brand’s kitchen, rather than in big machines. The manufacturing process also keeps it free from added hormones, fillers, antibiotics, or grains. Since it has organic ingredients and no artificial content, it’s safe to offer to cats of all ages.

Best for Sensitive Stomach- Go! SOLUTIONS SENSITIVITIES Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food

A true delicacy and novel protein source, duck is a fantastic meat for cats with a taste for the finer things in life. If that sounds like your cat, the SOLUTIONS SENSITIVITIES kibble formula is just what you’re looking for. The simple recipe can prevent IBD flare-ups and calm the digestive system while ensuring that your cat enjoys a marvelous taste.

This food offers a limited ingredient diet, free of potential allergens like grains, artificial flavors, and hormones. Chicory root and flaxseeds are two major ingredients that enrich the formula with omega fatty acids and prebiotic fiber. These fortify the recipe, making it ideal for cats with IBD and sensitive stomachs. Because of its grain and gluten-free recipe, it’s an ideal food for a healthy and safe diet plan.

Best for Adult Cats- ZIWI Peak Canned Wet Cat Food

ZIWI provides an all-natural, limited ingredient, high protein recipe that’s ideal for felines with a weak immune system, digestive problems, and low body strength. You can provide it to your adult cat to improve their overall health.

This canned food for IBD also includes organs, meat, seafood, and bone with a superfood blend. In addition, it’s free from potatoes or tapioca starch, both of which are the most common allergy-causing ingredients in cat food. Since it’s wet food, it contains a good amount of moisture that can help your cat stay hydrated.

Best for Duck lovers- Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein

Packed with real fuck, Blue Buffalo Wilderness offers cats an adequate source of protein to build lean muscles and strength. It’s also a grain-free recipe, as it contains healthy carbohydrates sourced from ingredients like peas and sweet potatoes.

Your cat will also get the necessary amount of daily omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat. If you want to give them a good boost of nutrients, Blue Buffalo is your best bet. It offers a high amount of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients so that your cat doesn’t require other foods to meet its daily nutrient needs. Most importantly, it’s free from ingredients that can cause allergies, such as grains or artificial ingredients. Also, there are no restrictions on the breed, so you can rest assured that the Blue Buffalo High Protein formula will suit your feline just fine.

Bottom Line

Making the switch to cat food for IBD will calm your cats digestive issues. Adhering to their food sensitivities, incorporating human grade ingredients, and removing preservatives from their diet will support the digestive tract. Picking the best food for cats with IBD will ensure your cat lives a long, happy life.

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