5 Best Canned Cat Food for Sensitive Stomachs

Having a cat with a sensitive stomach means being very cautious of what you are feeding to your feline. Simply picking any brand of cat food off the shelf isn’t a good idea and can lead to complications.

That’s because it can contain artificial ingredients, inadequate protein sources, and grain fillers. Meanwhile, cats with sensitive stomachs require low carb and high protein diets. Since they may struggle to digest dry food, it’s best to look for canned cat food for sensitive stomachs.

While choosing a the best canned cat food for sensitive stomachs, make sure to consider your feline allergies, flavor preferences, and other health needs. Note that continuously changing cat food can worsen stomach problems. Hence, it’s important to stick to one brand of canned food with healthy ingredients.

Of course, this means you have to make the right decision when choosing a brand of canned cat food to help with stomach issues.

Here are some of the highest quality canned food brands you can find in the market. The recipes provide adequate nutrition. So, pick one that goes perfectly well with your cat’s age, breed, health issues, and preferences.

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Best for Kitten- Blue Buffalo Basics Skin & Stomach Care

This canned cat food for sensitive stomachs recipe by Blue Buffalo is our first pick as it’s a super healthy option for kittens. Cats that are a few months old tend to be more sensitive to foods, making them more likely to develop digestive problems. Providing them with recipes specifically formulated for kittens can reduce stomach issues and help them grow into healthy and active cats.

Blue Buffalo Basics Skin & Stomach includes turkey and potato as their main ingredient. Thanks to its unique recipe, your cat will get plenty of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and proteins, helping her develop a beautiful coat. There is no beef, chicken, eggs, dairy, or corn, as they can upset kittens’ stomachs.

Best for Healthy Hydration- Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Thin Slices in Gravy

All cats enjoy the taste of some delicious gravy. Lucky for your feline friend, this Royal Canin recipe includes thin slices of meat in gravy. This gravy-based Royal Canin cat food contains plenty of moisture and thin meat slices that help with digestion. It also contains chicken and pork by-products, chicken liver, salmon, wheat flour, pork plasma, and much more.

Besides offering healthy hydration to your cat, Royal Canin Digest Sensitive also ensures better oral health. That’s because it’s fortified with minerals, vitamins, protein, and other nutrients along with moisture that improves oral health. This makes it a fantastic choice for cats above a year old with stomach sensitivities.

Best Overall- Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food

Hill’s Science is popular for manufacturing the highest quality pet foods. With years of experience and the expertise of countless veterinarians, Hill’s Science offers food that can help reduce symptoms of a sensitive stomach in cats. This recipe for sensitive stomach and skin is specially formulated to help adult cats with stomach issues.

The formula is easy to digest, which reduces stomach issues. In addition, the highly nutritious recipe will make a great difference in your cat’s coat and skin health. Most importantly, the fiber-rich formula allows easy stool pickup. J

Just don’t transition to a new brand of cat food immediately. Gradually incorporate Hill’s Science canned food in their diet over 7 days, after which you can completely switch to the new brand. This will reduce the risk of diarrhea, stomach pain, and other issues.

Best for Adult Cats- Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Sensitive Stomach

Purina is another popular brand among cat parents’ top choices. The brand manufactures a wide variety of food that addresses different health issues. Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Sensitive Stomach is ideal if you’re looking to provide holistic nutrition to your furry friend. It improves the overall health of your feline and prevents future health issues by providing energy to fight off bacteria and viruses.

It contains a good portion of chicken, along with other healthy ingredients. The food is free from artificial colors and preservatives. Its nourishing formula improves skin and coat health. Besides its health benefits, this Purina Pro recipe has a scrumptious taste.

Best for Low Carb Diet- Tiki Cat After Dark Grain Free Cat Food

Offering a low-carb diet to your feline is one of the best ways to prevent digestive issues. Tiki Cat After Dark offers a nutritious recipe with fewer carbs to restore digestive health. This canned cat food for sensitive stomachs contains real shredded meat.

There’s no added gluten or GMO, and it offers high moisture to help with digestion and prevent health issues that occur due to dehydration. High moisture content also improves oral health. So, if your cat is dealing with dental or oral health issues, this food is just what you need.

An added benefit is that this cat food formula is perfect for all stages of life. Because of the fine texture, this canned food recipe is great for cats that eat fast and end up chewing less. When cats don’t chew their food properly, it risks causing blockages, which can cause them to throw up. This canned cat food can easily pass through the digestive tract without blocking it and causing vomiting.

Bottom Line

Canned cat food for sensitive stomachs can help felines live a normal and healthy life without facing any trouble. If your cat has stomach issues, giving them a high-moisture, low-carbohydrate, and high-protein diet will help resolve the issue to some extent.

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