Best Bone Broth for Cats and Why It’s Beneficial

If your cat struggles to maintain hydration or doesn’t readily eat their dry food, adding bone broth to their diet may be the perfect solution! It’s also a great way to prevent disease and keep your feline in tip-top shape. 

Bone broth has tons of collagen, which has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce swelling in your cat’s joints. Additionally, it has glycine, an amino acid that’s great for their liver.

But finding the best bone broth for cats can be tricky. Most ready-made human bone broths include lots of added ingredients, like garlic and onion, which aren’t good for cats.

So aside from making your own bone broth for cats, the best option is to pick one of the below bone broths. 

Don’t worry about your cat not liking these broths. In fact, cats tend to like bone broth so much that they can eat too much of it if their portions aren’t controlled. 

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Made by Nacho – Cage Free Chicken Puree with Bone Broth

The first ingredient in this high quality bone broth is chicken. To make this even more beneficial, the company added New Zealand green mussels, increasing the glucosamine and chondroitin content (which is great for joint health).

They left out irritating ingredients like corn, wheat, soy, grain, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, so you can rest assured this broth is safe and healthy.

They’ve also added blueberries and cranberries, so your cat is getting an added dose of fiber and antioxidants. It’s formulated to be a meal topper, as it has a chunkier texture than plain broth.

It will make your cat’s dry food extra appealing, and also add some extra hydration to their diet, which is essential for renal health. It’s easy to see why it makes many lists as the best bone broth for cats.

Solid Gold – Bone Broth Chicken Shreds

One of the best bone broths for cats is this one by Solid Gold. It’s made of slow-simmered chicken, which has lots of collagen protein and amino acids. It’s great for gut, urinary and joint health.

This product also has real shreds of chicken, which keeps it interesting for your cat. Free from grains and gluten, even the most sensitive kitties will enjoy this bone broth. Because it’s a thicker consistency, it can be given on its own or as a meal topper.

Nature’s Logic – Dehydrated Turkey Bone

If you want a more traditionally-textured bone broth, Nature’s Logic Dehydrated Turkey Bone is the answer. This is concentrated and needs to be mixed with water, but it still contains all the benefits of a normal bone broth.

Made entirely of natural turkey and lacking any irritating ingredients like gluten, potatoes, peas, lentils, wheat, corn, rice, soy, potato and chemically synthesized vitamins, minerals, trace nutrients, carrageenan, guar and xanthan gum.

When it’s mixed with water, it has a texture similar to plain bone broth, so it is very liquid-y. It is ideal for a topper to your cat’s dry food.

With lots of healthy ingredients like amino acids, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, your cat’s immune system will be boosted and joints will feel less inflamed.

This is one of the best bone broth for cats but it can also be given to dogs, so it’s great for households with more than one animal. 

Why is Bone Broth Beneficial for Cats?

The best bone broth for cats is one that provides them with all the nutritional benefits they need.

But what are those benefits? Not only does it boost their immune system, it keeps them hydrated.

Some of the perks are unexpected, like digestion and liver detoxification. Read on to find out the 6 top benefits. 

1. It offers extra hydration. Cats need to drink regularly in order to prevent urinary infections and diseases. This is even more true for cats who already have urinary tract diseases. Providing them with bone broth ensures they are getting adequate hydration.

2. It adds more nutrition to their diet. Because cats are carnivores, they mostly eat protein. While cat food has all of the nutrients they need, bone broth can provide some micronutrients and amino acids that they’re not receiving, like collagen, linoleic acid and glycine.

3. It makes digestion easier and improves gut health. Bone broth doesn’t have much fat in it, so it can aid in regular bowel movements. Older cats can become constipated easily, and bone broth can solve that for them. Additionally, bone broth can improve their intestinal lining, allowing them to absorb nutrients more easily.

4. It can reduce and prevent joint inflammation. As we stated before, bone broth is rich in collagen. Collagen is known as a ‘binder’ for various body tissues, including ligaments and muscles. This allows for free movement and less stiffness. It can’t cure arthritis, but it can ease the pain it causes. 

5. It can detoxify the liver. Glycine is an amino acid found abundantly in bone broth. This amino acid also happens to be greatly beneficial to the liver. When the liver has access to glycine, it has an easier time clearing toxins. 

6. It can boost the immune system. Because bone broth can improve the intestinal lining, it allows cats to maintain a strong immune system and prevent illnesses. Leaky gut, which is when there are ‘openings’ in the intestinal lining, can lead to an impaired immune system. 

Final Thoughts…

When looking for the best bone broth for cats, keep in mind all the amazing benefits it provides.

Also remember that simply giving them bone broth made for humans is not adequate, and can be harmful, as it often contains vegetables that cats can’t have. Stick to our list of the best bone broths and you will give your cat a much needed health boost!

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