How Much Should I Feed my Cat?

Welcoming a cat into your life is exciting. They become a valued member of the family, and you may find yourself treating them as you would your own child. I know I’m guilty of spoiling my cats! But with that spoiling may come overfeeding, and you might find that your cat becomes overweight. Alternatively, you … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Raise a Cat?

When thinking about getting a cat, one of the first things that comes to mind is, how much does it cost to raise a cat cat? According to the ASPCA, it will cost $1,904 to have a cat in the first year, and an average of $1,149 for each year after.  But these are just … Read more

How Many Hours Do Cats Sleep a Day?

It’s clear cats love to sleep. They seem happiest when they are curled up, snoozing in a bed or a sunny spot on the floor.  That got me wondering: how many hours do cats sleep a day? After speaking with several vets specializing in cat behavior, I discovered cats sleep an average of fifteen hours … Read more

Cat Food Recall List – Is Your Cat Affected?

With any mass produced food, the risk of contamination is always present. This applies to human food and cat food. Luckily, most brands have a testing regimen in place so they can identify potential hazards quickly and issue a cat food recall before the animals are hurt.  When a cat food is recalled, you will … Read more

Calico Cats: Everything You Should Know

Cats come in many types of colors, but the calico cat is known for its multicolored coat! They are 25-75% white, with large orange and black patches. Sometimes, their patches are a lighter cream and gray. These ones are known as dilute calico cats.  It may be surprising to find out that calicos are not … Read more