5 Best Wet Cat Food for Bengals

Bengal cats are not only pretty, they are also loving and talkative. The breed is considered one of most intelligent, and they’re also very active. But besides being very entertaining, bengal cats also need plenty of activity, like jumping and running to feel contented. Since they are highly active and energetic, it’s important that you … Read more

Why is My Cat Losing Hair? 8 Reasons for Cat Hair Loss

It’s not uncommon for cats to lose hair, but that doesn’t make it any less stressful! Seeing your cat with bald spots or patches can leave you feeling scared. There are some cats that are supposed to be hairless (like Sphynx), but if your cat is normally furry, then there is likely something going on. … Read more

What’s the Average Lifespan of Cats?

Out of all the furry friends you can have, cats seem to have the longest lifespan. They average about 10-15 years when they’re kept indoors. But some cats live much longer than that. It’s not unheard of for cats to make it well into their 20s.  Mixed breed cats in general have less health problems … Read more

What’s Good for Cat Allergies? How to Prevent and Treat

If you haven’t felt it before, chances are someone you know has. The sneezing, sniffling, boggy feeling of allergies is pretty brutal. Of the Americans that have allergies, nearly one third are allergic to dogs or cats. Our animal’s cuteness just makes it that much worse. We want to hold, snuggle and kiss our furry … Read more

How to Make Cat Food: 12 Delicious Recipes

There are so many cat foods on the market these days that we are left confused about what to choose. While wet food provides our cats with the hydration they need, it’s more expensive, and your cat might want more variety. Dry food provides all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs, but many foods … Read more

How to Fly With a Cat: 6 Things to Know

While flying with an animal isn’t always the easiest thing, sometimes it’s necessary. When I moved across the country, I had to fly with my cat. I was extremely worried about it, as I didn’t really know how she would react. My cat is sensitive to sounds, and I felt flying would stress her out.  … Read more

How to Bathe a Cat without Getting Hurt: 11 Easy Steps

Cats notoriously loathe water. My cat’s interest in water goes as far as taking a few sips from the faucet and running off. If he happens to get a little on his face? Instant regret and dramatic noises ensue. People often wonder how to bathe a cat without getting hurt, especially if the cat hates … Read more

How to Adopt a Cat for Free

There’s an abundance of cats looking for a good home, of all different ages and breeds. This means there are undoubtedly lots of free cats available, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.  Adopting a cat from a shelter is typically the best way to get a cat for free. Though most shelters … Read more

How Much Should I Feed my Cat?

Welcoming a cat into your life is exciting. They become a valued member of the family, and you may find yourself treating them as you would your own child. I know I’m guilty of spoiling my cats! But with that spoiling may come overfeeding, and you might find that your cat becomes overweight. Alternatively, you … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Raise a Cat?

When thinking about getting a cat, one of the first things that comes to mind is, how much does it cost to raise a cat cat? According to the ASPCA, it will cost $1,904 to have a cat in the first year, and an average of $1,149 for each year after.  But these are just … Read more